When a govt office offers a visual treat...

When a govt office offers a visual treat...

A green endeavour

Circle of attraction: The neatly pruned plants on the premises of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Kolar. DH photo

The Deputy Commissioner’s office in Kolar City is indeed a crowdpuller. People flock to the premises enamoured by the way a beautiful Lalbagh has come up here.

Kolar’s Lalbagh, spread across the sprawling two acres of land houses various government offices on its premises, apart from the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

One might eventually get lost in the midst of gripping greenery. But not to worry, there are signboards at every nook and corner of the garden, directing the public to reach their respective offices.

Beautifully manicured winding pathways, neatly pruned shrubs that decorate the either sides of the paths, flowery bushes of different hues - red, yellow, blue and purples, swaying acasias, beautifully grown crotons, neatly placed potted plants, are a festival to the eyes.

The fragrance of sprouting mangoes which waft in the air from the mango groves, swaying pronds of coconut and palm trees, flowers with delicate fragrance, the scent of the fresh green grass are enough to make the visitors get stranded in this green oasis. Signania creepers adorn the stone roofs which are supported by stone pillars. While other varieties of creepers adorn other parts of the buildings.

People visit the Government offices carrying a bundle of emotions. Some are grumpy, some are weary, some are happy, some are worried. The lavish spread of the greens marked with hues of radiant flowers on the premises is enough to lighten their moods.

A waft of fresh air, shaded trees and fragrance from the flowers makes up for a good ambience, cheering up the moods of the visiting public. Even the staff working in these office are sure the envy of the public, for having had the privilege to work in such a beautiful and inspiring atmosphere.

Even the parking lot is shaded with big trees, under whose shelter the vehicles literally ‘rest.’ The greens soothen the harangued workers, the flowers inspire to nurture hope, the tall trees who have stood the tests of time, symbolise the undying spirit of the mankind, while the lively creepers only advises us to climb higher and higher.

Shrubs, bushes, plants of various varieties and trees make this place as Kolar’s Lalbagh in every respect.

Among all the buildings, the Horticulture Department building, which houses the deputy director’s office looks the most attractive. Another speciality of these gardens, is nothing extra is shelled on its maintenance.

The staff of a nearby nursery visit the premises and prune the greens and water plants regularly. Not a single portion of the land has gone wasted. Every inch has been converted into a green space. The officials of the Horticulture Department are of the opinion that the department which promotes greenery among all, should in itself be an example for the others to emulate.

That is the reason that with commitment and a message to the society, the premises has been kept spic and span, green and shady. It is a visual treat indeed.