Plyometrics time; fitness in forefront

Emerging players prep camp

Coach Praveen Amre

Packed schedules, both at the international and domestic levels, demand higher fitness levels from athletes, and physical trainers are in constant search of devising newer training methods which not only enhance fitness but minimise injury risks as well.

On the penultimate day of the five-day preparatory camp for the Indian Emerging Players, trainer Ramji Srinivasan put the players through plyometrics -- a type of training designed to produce fast, powerful movements to improve performances.

Dwelling on the benefits of this exercise, Srinivasan said: “Plyometrics is an exercise that enhances the propulsion in every athlete. It quickens reaction time, improves the power output and these are critical considering the increasingly fast-paced nature of cricket.

“Fielders need to move quickly, wicket-keepers need to jump faster, batsmen need to dive while trying to avoid run-outs and plyometrics helps in all these aspects.

“It is a young squad and they are keen. I am devising training sessions that are innovative instead of subjecting them to a mundane routine.”

While maintaining that injury-prevention was one of the top priorities in his training regimen, Srinivasan felt no sport was free of its share of injuries.

“Injury prevention is part of our training schedule but we have to accept that any sport will have its share of injuries. Our goal is to minimise that.

“On the field of play, the cricketers will have their adrenaline rush and they might injure themselves in their enthusiasm to cause a run-out or to take a sharp catch. These are factors that are beyond our control,” Srinivasan explained.

Meanwhile, the S Badrinath-led team had match practice simulation at the centre-pitch of the KSCA (B) ground in the morning while they wound up the day with fielding session.

The camp will conclude on Wednesday with a practice game. The players will leave for Mumbai on Thursday before departing to Brisbane for the Emerging Players’ tournament.

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