Man kills wife, hides body at home for two days

Man kills wife, hides body at home for two days

The accused Chennigappa Naik (48) from Vinayaka Residential area in Katakeri, who after murdering his wife acted as though he is unaware of the incident for three days and was arrested by the police on Sunday. Chennigappa Naik is facing the charges of murdering his wife Meenakshi (38) on Thursday.


It is said that the daily wage labourer Chennigappa Naik had suspicion over his wife of she having extra marital affair. He had requested his wife to come out of the affair many a times, but the requests were futile.

It is also believed that Meenakshi was not co-operating with Chennigappa to lead a happy life. Irritated with her behaviour, Chnennigappa consumed alcohol and also made Meenakshi to consume the liquor.

The drunken Meenakshi is said to have rebuked her husband by saying “I will do what I wish to do,” due to which angered Chennigappa hit her with firewood and burnt her by pouring kerosene. He placed the dead body beneath the cot for two days and then shifted it to a bush in the farm of his neighbour Revati.

Posing as if he is unaware of Meenakshi’s death, he roamed around in the village saying, his wife has gone somewhere. When the daily wage labourers went to Revati’s farm to work, they found the burnt and decomposed body of Meenakshi. As soon as labourers found the body, they informed the matter to the police.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, DySP J D Prakash informed that the entire incident came to limelight as and when the police from Madikeri Rural Police Station started the investigation.

The arrested Chennigappa has two children namely Shashikla (16) and Vijaya (6). The elder daughter is an eyewitness to the whole event. The accused too has accepted of committing the crime and a case has been registered in the rural police station.