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Soulful renditions by  R A RamamaniSaama Gaana Maathanga

On the occasion a music festival with vocal, veena, flute and solo violin, was also held, apart from the ensemble of ‘Pancharathna Krithies’.

Curtains came down on the festival with a vibrant vocal concert of Unnikrishnan on Sunday. The “Saraseejananabha” – gave him a flying start, which was followed by an interesting keerthana of Saint Tyagaraja, in an infrequently heard raga called Gurjari. A old time favourite “Vasudevayani” was elaborated with evocative nerval and other musical embellishments. He exploited the glory of Keeravani in a spacious alap, which vindicated his reputation. Connoisseurs also appreciated the wonderful support provided by H K Venkatram (violin), Arjun Kumar (mridanga) and Ullur Giridhar Udupa (ghata). The sweet resilience in his voice shone in devotionals – Rama Rama Enniro, Maanasa Sancharare, Rama Rama Seetha.

Scholarly vocal

Sri Rama Lalitha Kala Mandira music festival was well attended by music lovers. R A Ramamani, who gave a vocal concert here, is reputed in both Carnatic and jazz music world. As it was a Purandaradasa Aradhane day, she chose a number of devaranamas.

The piece de resistance of the concert was the popular pada “Pogadirelo Ranga!” of Purandara Dasaru. She is known for her wide repertoire and traditional patanthara. Thus Shankarabharana pleased both the conservatives and the lay listeners. Earlier the choice of ‘Smariso Sarvada Hariya’, another devaranama, brought out the emotional mood of both raga and the lyrics. ‘Yeti Janma’ was presented in all its attractive facets and the chitteswara of “Nanupogada Tharama” was also attractive. C N Chandrasekhar (violin), Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma (mridanga) and Karthik Mani (ghata) supported the vocalist’s style.

Kanakadasa compositions

Senior musician T S Satyavathi, gave an exclusive concert of Kanakadasaru in the Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi. ‘Yellaiah Bellagayithu’ in Bhouli gave her a bright start. She delineated ‘Keshavana Olumeyu’ in a grand ‘Ghanaraga Panchaka’. Her alap for Shankarabharana was a treat and the devaranama ‘Bhajisi Badukelo’ was rendered scholarly. Nalina Mohan and K U Jayachandra Rao – shared the honours by their admirable accompaniments.

Kinkini dance festival

The Kinkini Nrithyotsava included Bharathanatya, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Mohiniatta, Odissi and Yakshagana. The Bharathanatya recital of Rangashree, senior dancer, was proof of her vast stage experience. She caught the attention right from the first item ‘Guruvandana’. The varna ‘Nadanai’ stood out for its neat choreography. The different tiers of the ‘Theermanas’ – were well executed with practiced ease and assurance. The Devaranama (Balakrishnane Baro) was performed with good abhinaya, though with little overly dramatic. A thillana would have been a better choice than a Keerthana (enthanine-Mukhari) as the final piece.

D S Srivathsa (vocal), Rama Venugopal (Natuvanga), V R Chandrasekhar (mridanga) and H S Venugopal (flute) – gave good support from the wings.

Reassuring recital

Music concerts, gamaka and discourse were conducted by the Raghavendra Seva Samithi conducted music concerts, gamaka and discourse as part of its cultural festival in Sudhindra Nagar.

S Shankar, seasoned vocalist presented Kannada compositions of different Haridasas in his concert. ‘Indu Enage Govinda’ – is the only available composition of Raghavendra Swamy, so far. His alap for the melody saveri was absorbing and the “Kandena Govindana” was wholesome. With his rich voice he also sang – Sharanu Sharade (Maheepathi Dasaru), Sri Raghavendra Baro (Jaganatha Dasaru) – and few other padas neatly. Senior instrumentalists C N Chandrasekhar and TAS Mani accompanied with good understanding.

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