Where aroma of coffee pervades the air

The air is heavy with the fragrance of coffee. Apart from coffee, the place is surrounded by breathtaking views and is an ideal holiday spot.

Every year, a rally is organised by the Munzerabad club (established in 1893) on August 15. Attending one such rally of jeeps was an interesting experience for this writer. As many as 700 people in 120 jeeps had gathered and the rally took off at nine am, from the club. We drove through the lush greenery that the Western Ghats is so famous for.

Because it was the monsoon, the landscape looked livelier than ever and couldn’t have been more perfect for the event! The roads looked fantastic and wound through the mountains instead of cutting across them. Thanks to the rain that this region experiences, the place looked like heaven descending on earth.

Nothing could have been more refreshing and serene. We drove around the hills from one estate through another as marked in the route map. Whenever a vehicle got stuck or had some problems, there were stewards to help us all along.

Our first landmark was the Harley estate. After that we had to regroup for lunch. Our next big landmark was the Kadumane estate. On the way, we visited many small landmarks marked on the map. Once we were near Kadumane, it was a dream.

Kadumane estate is a huge tea garden surrounded by estates, blue lagoons, waterfalls and grassy slopes.

How to reach there: The nearest route is from Bangalore to Hassan (180 kms) and from there to Sakleshpur (38 kms from Hassan).

Accommodation: There are a good number of hotels and cottages in Sakleshpur, which are affordable and comfortable. One can also opt to stay at resorts or lodging hotels at Hassan.

Places to visit

Belur: 35 kms from Hassan and Sakleshpur
Halebidu: 32 kms from Hassan and 57 kms from Sakleshpur
Munzerabad fort: Six kms from Sakleshpur
Bisle Ghat: View the valley and the hills from this beautiful spot – 45 kms from Sakleshpur
Malahalli falls: 50 kms from Sakleshpur and Hemavathy backwaters
Yagachi dam: 40 kms from Sakleshpur
Gorur dam: 20 kms from Hassan and 55 kms from Sakleshpur
Shettyhalli church: 18 kms from Hassan and 50 kms from Sakleshpur.
Sriramadevarakatte: 28 kms from Hassan and 66 kms from Sakleshpur.
Tea estates in and around Sakleshpur: Specifically in Kadumane (23 kms from Sakleshpur). One can also visit Dharmasthala or Kukke Subramanya.