Kubica to remain in intensive care

Kubica to remain in intensive care

The Pole was due to be transferred back to an accident and emergency unit today but authorities at the Santa Corona hosppital in Pietra Ligure, Liguria, released a statement saying he will stay another 48 hours.

"Robert Kubica's condition is fine. Kubica will remain in intensive care for two more days to allow a full check up and to avoid another change of department ahead of his next operation," said the statement.

"His general condition is satisfactory enough as to allow his final surgical intervention (on his outer elbow) to take place on Wednesday."

Kubica underwent nine hours of surgery to his foot, shoulder and inner elbow. He had previously been in the operating theatre for seven hours to repair the functionality of his right hand.

The Lotus Renault GP driver crashed eight days ago while competing at the Ronde di Andora Rally in Liguria. He lost control on a bend at high speed and crashed into a guard rail, which buckled the driver's door, before ending up in a church wall.