Pirates hijack ship with 10 Indians

Pirates hijack ship with 10 Indians

The European Union Naval Force said on Sunday that the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier MV Sinin had 13 Iranians and 10 Indians onboard when it came under attack on Saturday.

The ship subsequently lost communications and a maritime patrol aircraft photographed two skiffs onboard the vessel. The MV Sinin was taken about 560 km east of Masirah in Oman.

In a separate incident, a Danish warship freed a hijacked fishing vessel and arrested 16 suspected Somali pirates, NATO said.

The HDMS Esbern Snare stopped a suspicious vessel with two skiffs on the deck. The warship fired warning shots and sent a boarding party to the hijacked Yemeni vessel. NATO said there were 16 suspected pirates and two Yemeni hostages onboard.

The original fishing crew of nine people had been held for a year but most of them had been released. Sometimes owners of small vessels without insurance are unable to raise the ransoms demanded by the pirates. Somalia has not had a functioning government in two decades, and piracy has flourished off its coast.