Music for the soul


IN TUNE Pedro Miguel  Soares Marreiros

The evening saw internationally acclaimed Fadista, Sonia Shirsat from Goa enthrall audiences with her short yet engaging performance. She was accompanied by Flavio Teixeira Cardoso from Portugal on the Portuguese guitar.

A Portuguese guitar, usually mistaken for a mandolin, is played very differently; it has 12 strings and the thumb and index finger are used predominantly to play it.

The musician is usually seen adorning false nails on both fingers. Only three people in India can play the Portuguese guitar.

Along with Flavio was the talented, 21-year-old Pedro Miguel Soares Marreiros of Portugal, on the Spanish guitar.

 The concert began with a purely instrumental piece by both the guitarists after which Sonia took centre stage with Cansaco (tiredness/fatigue), a perfect start to the laidback evening.

The audience enjoyed the music in true Goan way.  After that followed Duas Fontes (two fountains) which was appreciated by the audience.

Sonia gave the audience a narrative which made it easier for even the non-Portuguese speaking people to relate to the song.

However, there were others like Punita Kotak-Shah who thought language was truly secondary when it came to music.

“Music is the language of the soul; you don’t really need to understand the language to appreciate it. So you might not know the meaning, but it is what you feel within,” she said.

The first half of the concert was entirely Portuguese Fado music. Elaborating on Fado music, Sonia said, “It is melancholic comprising of urban folk songs.”

Flavio appreciating the crowd said, “Bangalore has very sweet people, who are very positive and nice. I wish and hope to be back here soon.”

 Many in the audience were rather disappointed with the short duration of Fado music.
However, Sonia got the crowd grooving to some foot-tapping Goan music in the second half. She was accompanied by Allan Abreo on the keyboard.

The songs were mainly sung in Konkani with the audience identifying quite a few of them and dancing to the peppy numbers.

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