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Young India Fellowship

A group of India’s professionals and entrepreneurs announced the launch of the Young India Fellowship (YIF), a first-of-its-kind one-year multi-disciplinary learning and leadership development programme for postgraduate students. The programme aims to challenge the current trend of specialisation in India’s higher education system by offering students the chance to explore fields beyond a typical narrow engineering, commerce or business curriculum.

In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s (UPenn) School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), the YIF will take 50 exceptional minds and nurture them into agents of change and innovation for India.

The programme is open to final-year undergraduate students or graduates with less than two years of work experience. Students from all disciplines are eligible to apply — engineers, scientists, accountants and lawyers, as well as those who have graduated with degrees in history, sociology, literature, or any of the other liberal arts. Applicants can visit for more information.) Classes begin on May 30, 2011.

Every one of the first batch of 50 Young India Fellows will receive a scholarship of Rs 8 lakh to cover the full cost of tuition, boarding and lodging for the YIF. The programme will be housed in a functioning educational campus in Gurgaon. 

Young India Fellows will take classes in a range of subject areas that cover anthropology to ethics, life sciences to climate change, and art appreciation to entrepreneurship. While the YIF offers a diverse, multi-disciplinary curriculum, the emphasis is on the humanities and social sciences. The YIF will also focus on developing critical thinking, reading, writing, communication and leadership skills of the students.

This curriculum challenges the increasing specialisation of Indian undergraduate programmes and tries to develop a more holistic educational experience in India.