Adhyayan Suman felt awkward to call Shahana a whore in 'Jashnn'

"Yes, there is a scene like that in the film where in a fit of anger I end up calling Shahana, who plays my sister, a whore. It was quite a difficult scene to do due to two major reasons.

"First, it was one of the first scenes that we shot for the film. Secondly, I didn't know her (Shahana) too well due to which it was a little awkward for me to mouth such words," Adhyayan told IANS.

Though he refused to reveal more about the scene, Raksha Mistry, one of the co-directors along with Hasnain S. Hyderabadwala, is a little more forthcoming.

"Adhyayan plays Akash who wished to form a band of his own, but Nisha (Shahana) feels that he is not cut out for it and wants him to settle down in life. An argument follows and since Akash is aware that Nisha is multi-millionaire Aman Bajaj's (played by Humayun Saeed) mistress, he ends up calling her a whore," said Mistry.

Those who have seen the film say that the real drama in "Jashnn" begins from this point on and a distressed Shahana throws Adhyayan out of her house. Slowly, Adhyayan too realises that he was wrong and goes on the path of retribution. He struggles but works hard to gain an identity of his own. In this journey of his, he is supported by Sara (Anjana Sukhani).

"The entire sequence has come out quite real and the chemistry between Shahana and me has to be seen. Actually, she is one of the finest actors we have around her. I loved her in both 'Firaaq' and 'Rock On!'. In 'Jashnn', she has a serious role once again. It is not easy to play someone's mistress but she has done extremely well once again," said Adhyayan.

"Jashnn" adds to the list of films coming from Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt's production house, which is known for somehow landing in the midst of controversies. The film is set for a July 17 release.

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