The rainbow is writing poetry!

Last Updated 17 February 2011, 09:24 IST

What if ………

…. My right eye wants to badly blink,
(Isn’t a one-eyed blink actually a wink?)
While my left eye badly wants to sleep?
And they refuse to shed tears when I weep?
What if ……..

…. My right hand just refuses to write,
(I should have been ambidextrous by foresight)
 or it does not co-operate while eating?
 Or worse, does not scratch, while itching?
What if......

…. My left foot wants to be put up (literally)
While the right leg wants to jog but naturally?
And they both decide on one fine day,
To each go his own opposite way?
 What if .........

…. One ear chooses to hear only instrumental
and the other gets selective even with the vocal
Breathing gets transferred to the belly button from the nose
and there is non-stop twiddling of fingers and toes.
What if …..

…. All my body parts had minds of their own
Each would smile, or laugh, or cry or groan
Simultaneously to cause a cacophonic commotion
Or my hair and nails grew in quick succession?
 What if? What if? What if…..
…. They are all listening to all this right now? Why!
There might be a conspiracy or rebellious outcry!

Not so long ago –
When I had telescopic eyes
I could see the stars and planets
All very clear, Hey guys!
But I bumped into things
That were close to me
For the life of me I couldn’t
See things close, you see?
Some time ago –
When my eyes were microscopic
The sight of a zillion germs
All around – made me sick
While my friends gorged on junk food
And found the water very clear
Swallowing all those germs
Was my biggest fear.
Thank God ants don’t get diabetes! 


The clearness of the sky
Before the other
Myriad colours
Come and take over.
Network of veins
Depths of the sea and river
The flow of ink
A pea-cock’s feather    

The rainbow is writing poetry!


Apples, tomatoes
The gush of blood
Burning coal
Bricks and mud
Cherries, strawberries,
Water-melons beneath
Smiles that expose
 Betel leaf-stained teeth.
When many colours
Unite and merge
Beautiful things
Happen and emerge.
White light separating
Into beams of colour
Forming a rain-bow
Is the magic of Nature.

(Published 17 February 2011, 09:17 IST)

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