Mother's sorrow!!!

A handsome bird flew near a cage,
And sang before  a bird beautiful bird.
“Oh! beauty I have a wonderful offer
To be my loving partner
This is your best offer don’t say no
You may suffer.”
The irritated bird says
“Ha! No I can’t do this
I have the sweetest cherries in a
Golden bowl filled with berries
I can’t accept your  words
My love is for my master”
Then flies  away the offer.
The bird sings inside her heart
“Oh! this was my best offer
But, but how could I fly with my
Broken wings? For being kept in small rings
I have lost my voice & also my soul &
My beauty, let my eggs be free.
Heart less masters please let my
Young ones go or they will forget to fly
I don’t won't cherries
I am happy with mere bitter berry
I don’t want this golden bowl
I am happy with seeds on the mud.
Will my young ones spend their nights in cages
For their long & wonderful ages
How could this be?
Let my yound ones go or
They will not learn to fly.
Let the birds be uncaged
We have no rights on them
Give them their Freedom
Show some Humanity now.

Suma Sugathan
Std. X ‘B’ Kendriya Vidyalaya,

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