Japan extends Rs.2,557 crore loan to India

Japan extends Rs.2,557 crore loan to India

Over two-thirds of the new loan package extended under Japan's official development assistance (ODA) programme will be used to improve the water quality of the Yamuna river in Delhi.

The total cost of the Yamuna Action Plan Project-III is estimated at Rs.2,240.53 crore, of which Japan has committed to providing Rs.1794.66 crore.

“The objective of the project is to improve the water quality in river Yamuna by augmenting sewage treatment capacity with renovation, rehabilitation and replacement of the existing sewerage system and by implementing public outreach activities in
National Capital Territory of Delhi,” the finance ministry said in a statement here.

India is the largest recipient of Japan's official development assistance loan. Japan has so far committed Rs.174,378.35 crore loan under this scheme to India.

Under the new package, a Rs.275.55 crore loan is committed for the Himachal Pradesh crop diversification promotion project and Rs.486.47 crore for the Tamil Nadu biodiversity conservation and greening project.