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Obsessed with the young

ENERGETIC Puneeth RajkumarHe is the man who gave the director a star value. Something that Sandalwood had not seen since the days of Puttanna Kanagal. After giving blockbusters like Mungaru Male, Pancharangi, Gaalipata and Mansaare, Yograj Bhat is back again with Paramatma. And true to his self, it is the youth again that is Bhat’s focus.

“I am fascinated by the young, their dreams and their energy that are rather infectious. It’s those aged between 18  years and 22 years who give the movies good publicity,” Yograj tells Metrolife.

Yograj’s new project, Paramatma is as the name suggests, about a young man who is a pure soul. “The story is woven around a pure soul. It’s hard to find people with a good heart these days but this young man does have one and battles all odds successfully,” explains Yograj.

The young man is played by Puneeth Rajkumar, and Deepa, who has done one film in Kannada, will play the female lead. Yograj says the young and the many aspects related to them have nagged him to no end.

“It’s the multiple factors and emotions that young people battle with that has fascinated me. I have visited several colleges in Bangalore and what I see there could plant an idea in my head. I got the inspiration to make Pancharangi when I happened to visit a college campus,” he says.

Yograj believes that there still is a lot left for him to explore in the young, such as emotional, economical and even stuff related to their career. Paramatma, the shooting for which begins in March, will be shot in 17 districts of Karnataka.

“All my films are shot at multiple locations. It’s just that the right scene for the movie is not available at one single place so I have to move around until I get the location perfectly in my head,” observes Yograj.

“Karnataka has some of the best locations. It’s just that we need to really look around,” he adds.

The music is by V Hari Krishna and lyrics by Jayanth Kaykini. 

Nina C George  

Burying the hatchet 

FRIENDS AGAIN Hamsalekha and Ravichandran.After almost seven years, music director Hamsalekha and actor-cum-director V Ravichandran have decided to bury the hatchet and work together in a film titled Narasimha. This is all thanks to director Mohan. “I felt there was a huge vacuum in the industry when these two talented people drifted apart. And some where down the line, I felt they wanted to forget the past and come back together. That’s why when I approached them for this project, they were more than willing to do it,” he added.

Earlier when Rockline Venkatesh had brought them together in Ondaagona Baa, it was said that the two didn’t click for many reasons. “We are not taking any chance this time. We are discussing every stage and making sure that each of us is fully aware of what is going on,” says Hamsalekha, who will be composing six songs for the film.

 The film, for which the shooting will begin in the first week of March, revolves around a village simpleton, played by Ravichandran, who is a strong believer in Gandhi. When it comes to gaining justice for his friends or neighbours, he is willing to stand up and fight.
“That’s why our tagline is Violent Gandhi,” says Mohan. Ask him if it will cause any tension and he says, “I am sure there will be a strong opposition to the tagline. But I have not used it with an intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If it does, I am willing to change it.”

Talking about Ravichandran’s role, Mohan says people will see him in a whole new look. “He won’t be seen in a ‘lover boy’ role. Much like the mythological character Narasimha, Ravichandran’s role too is a two-shaded one. We have managed to put together a look which we will soon launch and I am sure people will love to see him in this avatar,” he adds. Mumbai based model-cum-actress Nikisha Patel, who was seen opposite Pawan Kalyan in Komaram Puli, will be the leading lady in Narasimha.

Megha Shenoy