Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

The bold and the beautiful

DARING Priya HassanA woman in a man’s garb. But actress Priya Hassan is loving every bit of it and she’s proud that she’s been able to prove her mettle after such a short stint in the film industry.
Priya, in fact, has gone Malashree’s way. Malashree’s mantle of the action heroine of Kannada film industry, now belongs to young Priya. Directors and scrip writers seem to be associating this young lass with boldness and strength.

Apart from being a young woman director, Priya is now juggling three films at a time. She will be seen as a woman who overcomes all odds and chases her dream in Gandubiri.  “Women who are vocal and talented are not encouraged to come forward. Unable to fulfill her dreams, she turns a rebel but people brand her as estranged and she’s sidelined. The reason behind why talented women turn rebels is what is brought out in Gandubiri,” explains Priya.

In another movie titled, Rebel Priya plays a police officer and in the second half she dons the role of a politician. “It’s a different feeling altogether. The character makes you a  bolder person,” she adds. 

In yet another movie, Chadurangam meaning chess she plays a simple role. “That life itself is like a game of chess where they’d be good and bad times. Nothing is static and changes are an inevitable part of life is the crux of the story,” she observes.