Hip replacement

Financial assistance is required for Chitra M, daughter of Sadanand, who is suffering from pathological fracture of left proximal femur with giant cell tumour.

 She has been admitted to Manipal Hospital (Hospital No: 1243939).

She requires excision of tumour along with custom-made total hip replacement.

Do send in your donations in favour of Sadanand, SB a/c number 04152010135905, Syndicate Bank, N R Colony.

Premature baby

Financial support is required for Kanaka, a four-month-old premature baby with
decreased activity, who is at the M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital (Hospital No 253395).
Send in your donations in favour of her father A Shiva Kumar, a/c No 0041010400008365, Punjab National Bank, Millers Tank Bund Road, near Vasanthnagar.For details, call 9844476751.