While the rest of the City sleeps...

While the rest of the City sleeps...


CONVENIENT One of the hotels in the City that serve food late at night.

Restaurants start wrapping up by 10.30 pm itself and pubs die out as early as 11.30 pm. There is almost nothing you can do after that. And everything seems worse if you have an empty stomach. But many people will tell you that there are a few places where one can hang out at nights. Metrolife talks to people to find out about the eating joints that are throbbing with life ‘while everyone else is fast asleep’.

While the coffee shops in five star hotels are open late, they are not a practical option for many. If one wants to have a bite without drilling a hole in the pocket, there are some options that the City provides. “What comes to mind immediately is Empire,” says Kowsik, a software engineer. “Empire is one place where everyone goes after a late night party. You also get combos like dosa and kheema and juice over there,” he adds. “They pull down the shutter but you can always go in and eat,” says Divya, a professional.  

Apart from well-known places, there are some that require a bit of searching. “Cilantro in Koramangala, Desmonds on Lavelle Road and Koramangala and Solitaire are open at night,” informs Arushi, a professional. Those looking for cheaper options can opt for roadside dhabas.

“There are many dhabas on Hosur Road,” says Prasad, a student. “There is a dhaba on the service road after Hebbal, going towards the airport, which is open till 3 am. The shutter is half-pulled and you get the most amazing chicken fry over there,” says Divya.

“There are also some biryani joints that open at 2 am in Chickpet and Shivajinagar,” adds Amrutha.

 But food sometimes takes people to far-off destinations as well. “There is a place called Raasta on Mysore Road which is open all night. It is about 35 kms from the City and serves only vegetarian fare. The food is not great but you get it 24 hours,” says Amrutha, a management student. “I also go to the restaurant in Diamond District Apartment. It is open 24 hours and serves good burgers and sandwiches,” says Chirag Somaya, a student.

And if you are game for something less fancy, there are options on the road as well. “There is a guy, who sells bread-omelette, till 3 in the night. He stands near RSI on MG Road and also on the Old Airport Road,” says Raktim Bharatee, a student of CMR College. So when it come to food, as they say where there is a will, there is a way.

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