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'Get an aptitude test'

Dear Sir,

I have completed my II P U C and I have opted for mechanical engineering thinking it would be helpful for my further studies in Theoretical Astrophysics. I would like to know as to which of the universities in India are offering the course and how to get into one of them?

Sandeep K V

Dear Sandeep,

Mechanical engineering is a very good basic stream that opens doors for you not only for Astrophysics, but also many other related and unrelated fields. At this juncture, it may be better for you to spend your free time exploring the world of astrophysics through books or internet and discussing with experts. You may try to make friends with scientists or students at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) or Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), both located in Bangalore.

Many new courses and specializations are coming up, and four years later when you graduate, you will have a wider choice, so don’t worry about universities and courses at this juncture. After studying mechanical engineering for two or three years, you may even review your career path and then take a final decision.

Dear Sir,

I am a regular reader of your columns in DH. I have completed my II PUC in 2009.

My question is: What is Instrumentation Technology and what is its scope in India and abroad ? Also, what is the difference between Instrumentation Technology and Electronics? Which is more preferable? 

Arati belgaonkar

Dear Arati,

Instrumentation and Electronics are very close to each other, and in their study you will find many common subjects.

While electronics takes you into the basics and wide coverage of the field, instrumentation focuses on the controls, feedback, meters, measurement etc. in electronic appliances. Its scope is equally good, and you can either specialize in the development of the controls and instruments, or even diversify after your B.E. into many other related engineering streams including computers or IT.

Some of the other related fields are Information Science, bio-informatics, telecommunication, Industrial engineering, automobiles, aeronautical, etc.

Dear Sir,

My brother finished his class 10 in 2006 with 50.81%. He opted for diploma in computer science. He got first class in his first year, but he failed to clear six subjects in his second year and got a year back. Again this year he couldn't clear any of those subjects. Now he says he cannot complete his diploma, but wishes to do a Commerce degree through distance education. We are in a dilemma now. He is 19 years old, can he manage with Commerce subjects without a background of Commerce in PUC? He says he cannot waste another two years for PUC and he is not willing to do a Computer Science degree. Please suggest some good universities for distance education and also some other areas in which he can complete his education.

Dear Manjunath,

Its very commendable that you are taking interest in your brother’s future. As you have seen, a random selection of diploma in computer science, without really checking his aptitude towards it, has resulted in a setback.

Hence it is imperative that he does not jump directly into B.Com. only because it looks like a simple alternative. He should first determine his interest in the field, match it to his aptitude (i.e. his strengths, potential and ability to do well in that field), and then only enter into it. Subsequently he can decide whether he would like to do his PUC or go straight for degree through open university system. If he doing the latter, it will be better if he takes up at least a part-time job in the field he is studying so that he will get practical experience.

There are many good open universities, including Bangalore University, Karnataka State Open University, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Madras University, Annamalai, etc.

Dear Sir,

I have completed my II PUC with 57%. I am not eligible for any engineering courses.

So I have decided to withdraw PCM this year and write my Science subjects the following year (2010). Will there be any sort of complications next year considering this would be my second attempt? During next year's CET will my marks be considered like all others?


Dear XYZ,

Firstly check out why you scored very low marks in PCM that resulted in your not being eligible for engineering. If your aptitude and ability in PCM is not strong, it may be extremely difficult for you to do well in a four-year engineering degree course. While there are no complications in appearing for CET next year, and your marks of your second attempt will be taken into account, I am more concerned about your potential in technical streams.

Keep in mind that there are dozens of other alternatives to engineering which you can take up this year itself if you decide quickly, and can move forward. If you are unable to decide, get an aptitude test done, or consult knowledgeable elders.

Dear Sir,

I have completed my Bachelor of Physiotherapy course from Bangalore and would like to continue my further education in Hospital Management. Kindly provide me the information regarding the prospects of this course and few eminent institutions in India.

Hemant Shahi

Dear Hemant

As a paramedical graduate, you will have an advantage over others if you specialize in hospital management. Do ensure that you are sure you would like to give up your purely technical field of physiotherapy which you have studied for four years, and that you are a people-oriented person who will be able to do well in administration and management.
You have a choice between purely hospital administration courses, and those expanded out to include all aspects of health-care management.  Some of the prominent institutes are: Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, (pgdm_hmadmissions@asci.org.in), BITS Pilani, Apollo Hospitals, Symbiosis Centre for Healthcare (www.schcpune.org), Institute of Health Management & Reseach, Bangalore (www.ihmr.org), Narayan Hridalaya, Bangalore, etc.

Dear Sir,

I'm a student of Industrial Engg. and Management and currently in my third year.

After a year, I will be graduating and as you know due to recession freshers like me will find it hard to find a job. So, I've decided to continue my studies. I want to post graduate in Product Design. Can you please suggest some universities in India which offers this course, and also  about its future and how can it help for an Industrial Engineer.


Dear Raghu,

Please do not get scared of the recession and study further only because you feel you will not get a job. If you are good in your field, you can get a job next year when you finish your B.E., and gain valuable practical experience, which will also help you decide what your future goal should be.

However, if you are sure that you are a creative person and would like to pursue a career in design, you may take up a short course right now in CADD etc., and get a feel of the subject. Subsequently you can aim for a PG course in design from the IIT’s (IIT Bombay has a very good Industrial Design Centre offering a one-year PG Diploma), IISc, VFLSI Design Centre, University of Pune, (www.icitonline.org), Symbiosis, Pune (symbiosisdesign.ac.in, www.set-test.org), National Institute of Creative Communication, Bangalore (admin@niccindia.org,   www.niccindia.org) or Manipal University, 0820-2922912

Dear Sir,

I am a 17-year-old student of class 12 (PCMCs). I am interested in B.Tech, M.Tech courses and I am interested to join ISRO. Please suggest me how to go about it? What are the exams that I should attend? Please give information about reputed colleges.

Muppinesh, JNV Devarahalli.

Dear Muppinesh,

Do not keep any one organization as your career goal, for six years from now there may be much wider alternatives and opportunities.  However, if your goal is to get into space research, ISRO definitely is a good option. You may take up engineering in aeronautical, mechanical, electronics, telecommunication, instrumentation, computer science, etc., and the decide about your specialization for the post-graduate level after you have finished 5-6 semesters.

On qualifying, you may appear for the period employment exams that national institutions like ISRO conduct, and if you are selected you will begin a very rewarding career in research and development (though not as financially lucrative as the MNC’s and private sector.

Dear Sir,

My daughter is studying in 2nd year BE - Computer Science has completed her 4th Semester examiniations during May 2009. Throughout her academic career she has secured more than 95% marks right from 7th, 10th and 12th standard examinations. In CET also, secured 102nd rank and doing BE in R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore.

After her 4th semester examination she is having a long vacation of 3 months and her college will reopen only from Ist of Sept. 2009. During this period I intend to put her to some certification courses like Java, Dot Net, Oracle and SAP etc. to make use of 3 months precious time. In this regard I am under confusion to select branch in which she has to undergo for certification. Therefore, I request your goodself to guide/suggest me the exact and latest course in which she has to go for certification.

I once again request you to suggest the name of course she has to choose during the vacation period and also it should be helpful in future for her career.


Dear Ramgopal

It will be very nice if your talented daughter can spend her holidays usefully, and thus further enhance her capabilities.  As you know, there are a very wide variety of courses students can do part-time not only during holidays, but also in weekends or evenings.  Do select based on the skills your daughter needs to build up, or the ones that will help her achieve her career goals once she finishes her engineering.

For example, there is a continuous lament that some very studious engineering graduates do not possess the basic life skills or soft-skills (communication, presentation, public speaking, interpersonal, assertiveness, team spirit, etc.) that are vital for campus recruitment as well as future growth.  Select a course based on where you feel your daughter needs a boost.  Only if she is already very good in her life skills, then you may encourage her to go in for technical courses, again based on what her long term goals are.

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