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Acquittal, Not Surprising!

The acquittal of all the six accused in the murder of Prof. Sabharwal in Ujjain came as no surprise. Mercilessly beaten to death in broad daylight and in full public glare, the exoneration of the ABVP activists by the court for lack of evidence paints a very vivid picture of the judicial apathy in this country. The practice of extensively depending on the corroboration of statements proffered by witnesses at the site of crime has had many a criminal blatantly exploiting these lacunas in our laws to walk away to freedom. The Sabharwal case further highlights the prevalent rot in our educational system. Gone are the days of the ‘Guru-shikshya parampara’ where the teachers were compared to the Gods. Imparting knowledge, the teachers were responsible for turning their students into model and upright citizens; and the students in turn saw them as their mentors. Politicization of education however brought about a radical change in this approach. Students thought of as the future of a nation became unwitting pawns in the hands of politicians who came to depend more and more on the ‘power of the youth’ to further their trail blazing careers. The students were quite unaware – and still are – of the ‘use and dump’ policy of these power-mongers. Colleges and universities became happy hunting grounds for politicians. A militant approach replacing their scholastic tendencies, the students segregating on the lines of their affiliation to various political parties became the order of the day. Their show of strength inviting frequent clashes with the authorities would bring about the intervention of the teachers. And the inevitable had to occur! Where the teachers try to inculcate a sense of duty and discipline in their wards, the politicians represent everything that is an anti-thesis. The sooner the students realize it, the better it would be for them. Temples of learning and the corridors of power should never be seen equated in the same breath! One can only see the Sabharwal episode as a blot in our social fabric.                                       

Pachu Menon

Margao, Goa.


Media to Quench Thirsty Knowledge

There are major developments in various revolutionary activities like Oceanography, Black Boxes, Bridges being laid, Why bridges fail, Sewerage water being converted into potable water, Dredging, Tracking the mobile number etc., Young and old are inquisitive  to have a fair knowledge of technicalities as well as the persons behind them. The mobile and the computers have helped even the children to operate and develop skills. If the media could devote time and space to such innovative ideas, it would help a lot. Those interested could also be helped to quench their thirst for knowledge by getting answers for relevant questions on the subjects.

K N Bhagavan,


Pakistan Should Identify It's Enemy

It is heartening to see a positive statement from Pakistan towards India when for the first time in the last 60 years of post independence era of India and Pakistan, when a bold Pakistani president openly admitted that it was a mistake by their country in supporting the terrorist outfits. Now it is time for all the people of Pakistan to understand that they were wrong in identifying their enemy. The real enemy was not India in these years, but the rulers of Pakistan themselves, who created and were spreading hatred towards India, to cover their inability to rule or to divert the attention of the people from the real problems of their country.

Now as the highest ruler in that country has admitted the mistake, it is for all the politicians, bureaucrats, army and the common people of Pakistan to honestly accept the reality and work towards the peace in the region, with their words and more importantly in their action by shedding the hatred and joining hand with India in combating terrorism which is the ultimate enemy of all the people in the region.

If one fails to know who his friends are, it is no harm, but if one fails to know who all are his enemies, it is very dangerous and it may be too late as the damage caused may be irreparable. By now every one in Pakistan might have understood this.

Ramakanth Udupa K

RPC layout, Vijayanagar 2nd Stage,


Handicaps for the Growth

The most important handicaps for the growth of the nation are unbridled population growth especially among some sections of the society under religious freedom and misconceived secularism and never ending terrorists acts by minority elements helped by cross border terrorism from the neighbour. These two important factors remain great head ache for India and hamper it's growth. These two need serious attention from the present Government setting aside all sorts of absurd secularism which is given an unprecedented importance creating havoc in the nation.      
AECS Layout
Sanjaynagar, Bangalore.



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