Oz town names itself 'Speedkills' to make drivers slowdown

Oz town names itself 'Speedkills' to make drivers slowdown

Speed, the tiny Victorian rural community, about 400 kms outside Melbourne with the population of 45, changed its name after surveys brought out that there had been 25 per cent increase in rural road accidents in which hundreds of people die, each year, AAP reported.

Successive advertising campaigns by the government urging motorists to slow down have been largely unsuccessful.

Speed locals hope that their unique contribution to road safety will make drivers hit the brakes.

A facebook page set up to promote the campaign had 10,000 users join within 10 hours of its launch and another another 10,000 within five days.

Phil Down, a local farmer, has also temporarily renamed Phil Slow Down as part of a road safety campaign in his home town.

"I'm happy to humiliate myself for that cause. I had no hesitation... mostly because we think the campaign is a good initiative," the farmer was quoted as saying.