Explore shades of 'management' here

Explore shades of 'management' here

Print media most sought after

This is evident with the percentage of different medium advertisers prefer, available in the form of a chart among several other exhibits, at B N Bahadur Institute for Management Studies at Manasagangothri here, as part of ‘Suvarna Manasa Expo 2011’.

The print media commands the share of 44.5 pc followed by TV (electronic media) at 25.6 pc, magazines at 11.6, Radio at 8.8, outdoor at 6.6 and internet at three. It’s nothing less than a revolution in the realm, that started with a handbill in 1472 underwent many changes, thanks to technology, before assuming the shape of an industry. It was in 17th century, classified ads saw its birth.

‘Namma Metro’ that recently went on a trial in Bangalore, is also an exhibit here followed by the display of pictures of various models of cellphones from first generation (1G) to third generation (3G) and also not to be omitted, the quintessential and much awaited fourth generation (4G).

Mention must be made of ‘Dabbawallahs of Mumbai’ who have demonstrated excellence in service at nominal price. These pioneers of fresh food delivery mechanism by dabbawallahs distribute and collect whopping two lakh tiffin boxes in just three hours. If you wanna have a glimpse into their swiftness, visit the expo for a glimpse. Facebook stands first among public networking sites, while China stays put in first place in top 10 nations in exports.

In all the Management Institute imparts education on various aspects from time management to currency including the counterfeits, besides industrial honchos dead and alive, who rose to great riches from rags.