Ex-Bajrang Dal man joins JD(S)

Ex-Bajrang Dal man joins JD(S)

The former Sangh Parivar leader was welcomed to the JD(S) fold by State party president H D Kumaraswamy. Some of the followers of the former Sangh leader too joined the JD(S).
The JD(S) recently joined hands with the BJP to come to hold the reins of administration in the Mysore Zilla Panchayat.

The Sangh Parivar distanced itself from Mahendra Kumar soon after his name was associated with certain church attacks in the coastal towns and Chikmagalur in 2008.

He was removed as the convenor of the Bajrang Dal. The ruling BJP reportedly refused to withdraw cases against him. The Justice Somasekara Commission report has charged Mahendra Kumar with having led attacks on some churches. The former Bajrang Dal leader has, of course, stoutly denied any role in the attacks.

After embracing the JD(S), Mahendra Kumar began bashing the BJP on the grounds that it was driving a wedge among castes and communities for its survival.

Stating that he was repenting his past actions, he claimed that he had come out of the ‘communal web’ and would strive for communal harmony as was being done by the JD(S).

He said that like him many youths would soon rebel against the communal forces. On the occasion, Kumaraswamy ridiculed the conventions organised by the BJP and the Congress.

He dubbed the BJP as the most corrupt party, while terming the Congress as directionless. He said he had chosen to admit Mahendra Kumar into the party fold despite reservations expressed by Muslims and Christian leaders.

JD(S) spokesman Y S V Datta said the BJP was celebrating its 1,000 scams and not just 1,000 days in office.