Offering health tips to fans

Offering health tips to fans

And everyone wonders what’s the secret of her eternal beauty?

Apparently, the actress follows some health tips, which she has even offered to her fans for “free”.

“Ok, on huge popular demand, I am going to divulge some of the expert ‘eating healthy’ tips given to me. Freeeee!! (sic),” Juhi posted on her Twitter page.

“Have a salad bowl of cucumber, tomato, carrot and sprouts at lunchtime — nutritious — fills you up and so you eat less cooked food. Eat three egg whites and one yolk with a toast at breakfast. Rich in protein. If you are drowsy in the afternoons, try a cup of green tea. Antioxidant and a wakeup shot in one!!”

“Instead of snacking on rubbish, munch on some almonds and raisins. Ab bas aaj ke liye itna hi gyan (just this much for today). Pehle itna toh karo (First do at least this much) (sic).” No wonder she still looks fit and fine at 43.