A bundle of confidence

A bundle of confidence

Personal Choice

Or at least that is what one thought till Anaga Anaga O Dheerudu arrived. The Telugu movie has at last brought Shurti cartloads of praise. The role fit her perfectly.

Being Kamal Hassan’s daughter is not easy. And Shruti has the attitude to match it. She oozes with confidence and believes that there’s nothing under the sun she can’t really do.

Shruti was in the City to walk the ramp for a very prominent fashion designer whose name is associated with top guns in the film fraternity.

She looked stunning in a white flowing gown, especially tailored for her. So what makes perfect fashion sense to this young lass?

“Fashion to me is really what you make it. It’s more about a personal style. I’ve never really followed trends and don’t believe in labels. Anything that works for you is fashionable,” Shruti tells Metrolife.

Back to talking about films, Shruti says she really loved the role in Anaga Anaga O Dheerudu for many reasons and she’s got her hands full with Ezham Arivu that’s going to be out soon, “There will be more movies in three languages namely Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. I’ve been lucky to work in all three industries so early in my career,” she beams.

A graduate in music from Musicians Institute in California, Shruti is a trained Hindustani classical singer. Didn’t she contemplate a career in music abroad? “Yes, there were ample opportunities abroad but I love my country and even though people might say that India is dirty and still developing, there’s a certain mystery about it. I wanted to contribute to the music industry here,” she says.

Shruti is concerned that India doesn’t have an independent music industry or even an alternative music section. “There are musicians who work only in their own mother tongue. Genres must not be so compartmentalised. Various musicians must work in tandem,” she observes.

While a large section of the masses idolise Kamal Hassan and even worship him as God, what are her impressions about her father? “He’s my father first. He’s a meticulous actor who is very dedicated to his craft,” she observes.

With movies happening in a big way, will music take a backseat? “I’m still very much into music and I play with my band and collaborate on music and perform as well,” she sums up.