Mamata says no question mark over alliance with Congress

Mamata says no question mark over alliance with Congress

Banerjee also reminded a rally organised by her party that in Egypt people have brought in change after 30 years but wanted the Left government to be thrown out by democratic means.

"We want to continue with our alliance with the Congress and SUCI," the Trinamool Congress chief said, adding there is no question mark over her party's alliance with Congress and left outfit SUCI. The TC is a partner in the Congress-led UPA government at the Centre.

The rally was organised in protest against alleged CPI-M atrocities in places like Nandigram and Netai.

She called on the Left-minded people, who are unhappy with the state of affairs in West Bengal, to join hands in her fight against the Left Front.

"My fight is against the Left rule and not against Left-minded people. Those who want to voice their protest against the Left Front misrule of 35 years, their atrocities on people and want real development of the state are welcome to join hands to fight together," she said.

Banerjee called on the people of West Bengal to dislodge the CPI(M)-led Left Front saying, "In Egypt people have brought in change after 30 years, I urge the people of my state to get rid of the Left democratically after its 35-year misrule."

Seeking to retain the minority votebank, which has veered towards it since the 2008 panchayat polls and is being desperately wooed by the Left ever since, Banerjee said, "If we come to power, we will implement the Sachar Committee report on minority development in the state."

She questioned the Left's sincerity in minority development claiming it is votes that propelled them to talk of their welfare and would forget them conveniently after elections.

Pointing out that she was for co-existence of both agriculture and industry, the Trinamool Congress supremo said referring to Singur, "We have protested against injustice, but not development."

The Trinamool Congress chief, addressing the rally in front of the Gandhi statue on Mayo Road here, alleged that during its 35-year rule the CPI(M)-led Left Front has stalled all development and closed job avenues for the youth.

"They have closed 55,000 large industries, 1.35 lakh small factories and thriving industrial townships like Durgapur and Kalyani have gone barren under their rule," Banerjee said while alleging that the Left is at present hindering railway factories from being set up in the state.

Alleging that during its 35-year rule, the CPI(M) has indulged in several mass killings, Banerjee said, "If we come to power, we will ensure trial of the accused in every case."
She also criticised the state government for high tax rates stating "while the Centre is responsible for price rise, the state also has a large contribution by way of exorbitant tax rates on general people."

"But keeping in mind the hardship of the poor people, we have not raised railway fares once even," she said.