11 tourist resorts likely to come up in Madikeri

11 tourist resorts likely to come up in Madikeri

Applications have been submitted to convert more than 144 farm land

The application on farm land conversion at Karnangeri, Katakeri, K Badaga, K Nidugane and Kadagadalu have been submitted. Most of those who submitted applications were from outside the Kodagu district.

The applications sought conversion of 39.43 acre land for commercial purpose, 15.78 acre land for residential purpose, 3.66 acre for setting up of educational institution and 0.34 acre for setting up commercial complex.

The authorities have already declared 12 km radius from Madikeri as green zone. Hence, farm land can not be converted for commercial purpose. However, few resorts have already come up within 12 km radius, thus violating the rules and regulation of the green zone. As preparation of revised master plan for the Madikeri local planning area is under progress, it has been decided to maintain farm land, hillocks and water bodies as it is. However instead of rejecting the applications, the MUDA has decided to inspect the land and take a decision on land conversion. For the construction of resorts, only survey number have been shown.

It has not mentioned how much acre land will needed for each resort. The applications have sought two acre land in Karnageri, 3.30 acre land at Mekeri, 3.51 acre at K Nidugane, 21.81 acre at Kadagadalu for commercial purpose.

For the construction of commercial complex, a proposal of 0.34 acre land at block number 24 in Madikeri CMC, 9.86 acre for commercial purpose at K Nidugane have been submitted to the MUDA.

A proposal to convert 1.20 acre and 2.40 acre land in two separate survey number at Karnangeri has been submitted for educational purpose. One certain Reddy in K Badaga has submitted an application to convert 15.78 acre farm land for residential complex.
The MUDA meeting was held on February 10. The decision on the conversion of farm land for commercial purpose remained inconclusive.