Delhi as safe as any other city in India: Chidambaram

Delhi as safe as any other city in India: Chidambaram

"Crime in Delhi has remained well under control... The crime rate per lakh of population, a yardstick generally followed world-wide to compare crime, showed a decline in Delhi from 392.66 in 2001 to 281.34 in 2010," he said in the Lok Sabha during Question Hour.
From these statistics, it cannot be concluded that crimes are increasing. But, in a big city like Delhi certain crimes are inevitable.

"Delhi is as safe as any other city in India," he said adding, "...we shall make endeavor to make it (Delhi) it more safe."

According to statistics provided by the government, the incidents of rape have showed a steady rise from 425 in 2009 to 458 in 2010 and in the month of January this year as many as 17 cases have been reported.

The government has implemented a number of schemes like 'eyes and ears' and 'toll-free' number for early reporting of crime, he said, asserting, "We coordinate with neighbouring states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan to control the menace."

New initiatives are being taken to recruit more police personnel, increase number of vehicles provided to the police force and setting up more police stations among others, the Minister said.

The written reply by Minister of State for Home Affairs M Ramachandran said the Delhi police has taken various measures to check crime including steps taken to provide security to women and children.