Gujarat government's stand on Godhra carnage vindicated: Vyas

"The judgement has established that this was a pre-planned conspiracy hatched and executed with finesse, so the state government's stand is vindicated," Vyas told reporters here.

"The judgement today sets at naught all the wrong propaganda of the so called NGOs that Godhra train burning incident was not a pre-planned conspiracy," he said.Vyas said that the government will decide on its future course of action after studying the judgement.

"The judgement has just been delivered. We are yet to get full text of the judgement, we shall study the judgement first and then further reaction will follow," he said.Vyas, also the state Health Minister, said the question of compensation to those acquitted by the court does not arise.

"Even the public prosecutors were appointed by the SIT, so it is a perfectly independent process of justice that has established beyond any doubt that this was a well hatched conspiracy and that was our stand right from the day one," he said.

So, those so called NGOs who were trying to malign Gujarat, trying to point fingers at the state government, I think have fallen flat, the BJP leader said adding, "I think it was long motivated propaganda against the state and people of Gujarat by them (NGOs)."

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