Lifters dominate 2011 dope list

Lifters dominate 2011 dope list

Replying to a question on what steps the government was taking to tackle the menace of doping in Indian sports, Maken listed the number of athletes who flunked tests this year.

As it turned out, weightlifters (10) and powerlifters (7) made up more than half the list with six boxers adding to the list.

A cyclist and football player completed the 25 who have been reported.

According to statistics given by the Ministry for the past three years, most dope cases were reported in 2010 when 204 sportspersons made the list.

The number was 79 in 2009 and lower at 69 in 2008.

So far this year, there has not been a case of any wrestler or track and field athlete being reported.