SSuite Office

SSuite Office is for any user  who needs more functional applications than just the basic ones that are shipped as standard. Easy Interface, no need to spend extra time to learn the interfaces and inner workings of each application as SSuite Office. It is visually intuitive and pleasing to the senses. The SSuite Office – Personal Edition contains: SpreadForm One: An easy to use spreadsheet application; WordFormat 2: A general word processor application; My EZMail, My WebBrowser Pro; Envelope Printer: Print addresses and labels on envelopes; PDF Memo Creator; The Sorting Machine: Sort any type of data element really fast; Address Book; Internet Timer; and Windows 7 styled interface.  All the docs are created in SSuite Office Applications, are fully compatible with all current and old Windows, Apple Mac or Linux.office suites. No trial versions - no registering of personal information is necessary, there are absolutely no strings attached at all. Just free office software for you to download and use as you wish, aver the developers. The 19.9 MB SSuite Office, designed and built for Win2k/XP/ Vista/can be downloaded at www.ssuitesoft.com/freedownloads.htm.

Project Tracking

Instead of purchasing expensive software solutions to track projects, Project managers could use any of these project tracking freeware – Open Workbench, Gantt PV, ToDoList Resources, OpenProj, and Task Juggler.  Open Workbench,  at www.openworkbench.org/index.php, a transparent open source project tracking freeware, with its scheduling and project management functions is considered as a worthy alternative to Microsoft's pricey Poject Program.  The Gantt PV,  a powerful cross-platform application,  complimented by many for its robust reporting options, can be downloaded at www.pureviolet.net/ganttpv/server/ install/. The ToDoList Resources application which lets users define tasks and then divide them into smaller components and steps can be downloaded at www.abstractspoon.com/tdl_resources.html.
Downloaded1,250,000 times and used in 142 countries indicates the popularity of OpenProj. It can be downloaded at www.project-open.org/download/. And, lastly, Task Juggler which has a built-in scheduler to help automate the juggling of tasks and resources and alarm functions alerts project managers when a project needs urgent attention. It can be downloaded at www.taskjuggler.org/download.php .

Hooeey webprint

Hooeey webprint is a free desktop application that builds up your personal web history library, automatically! Every web page you visit is captured in real time as a screenshot and as searchable full text and archived on your own computer.You can easily store, search, tag and share web pages that you have visited. Even if you delete or erase your browsing history, you will not lose these web pages.  Scores of researchers, business professionals, bloggers, college students, and work groups have hailed Hooeey webprint as a  Virtual Research Assistant. The  Hooeey webprint client application can be downloaded at  www.hooeeywebprint.com/hwpClientDownload. No sign-up or log-in required/ FAQ at www.hooeeywebprint.com/hwpfaqs