Defiant Gaddafi says not going anywhere, will die a martyr

Defiant Gaddafi says not going anywhere, will die a martyr

Appearing on state television for the second time in two days, a fiery Gaddafi called himself a bedouin warrior who had brought glory to Libya, and rejected all calls for stepping down.

"Damn those who try to stir unrest in Arab countries," said Gaddafi, as international voices grew in condemnation over the bloodshed in Libya.

"I am a bedouin warrior who brought glory to Libya and will die a martyr," he said.
Wearing brown robes and a turban, the 65-year-old Libyan leader asked his supporters to take back the streets of the country from protesters, as reports said that some of the cities had fallen to the opposition.

"If you love Muammar Gaddafi, go out and secure Libya's streets," he shouted.
Gaddafi's appearance was the second since reports said yesterday that he may have left the country for Venezuela.

He earlier made a fleeting appearance to lay to rest speculation of his departure, and called the foreign TV channels who were relaying such reports as "dogs".
He appeared again on TV this evening, making a furious speech, to send out the message that he did not intend to step down.

"Libya wants glory, Libya wants to be at the pinnacle, at the pinnacle of the world... I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents ... I will die as a martyr at the end," he said pounding his fists.

The statement came as latest reports put the figure of dead in the continued violence in Libya at 300.

UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, warned that the widespread attacks against civilians "amount to crimes against humanity", and called for an international investigation in possible human rights violations.

Pan-Arab TV channel Al Jazeera said quoting witnesses that fighter jets had bombed parts of the city last night.

The UN Security Council is set to meet to discuss the crisis in Libya, a day after UN chief Ban-Ki-moon telephoned Gaddafi and asked him to put an end to the violence.

"I urged him that the human rights and freedom of assembly and freedom of speech must be fully protected," Ban said.

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