Men slept while 25,000 litres of water flowed into houses

Thanks to valvemen on night duty, who according to MCC officers slept, while on duty for nearly half-an-hour, forgetting to change the valve to let the water to flow into another tank, after a tank was filled.

An engineer on condition of anonymity told Deccan Herald, the GWLSR has three tanks in its womb- one having the capacity to store 1.25 MGD water and two each of storing 2.5 MGD.
The tank of 1.25 MGD had filled and as was the routine the valve of that particular tank had to be closed, deviating water towards other tanks.

However, Anand and Kishan the valvemen on duty at that time, who were doing the job in turns, had slept. It was only after sometime, Anand woke up to the sound of water and had begun to close the valve, when enraged locals who barged into the premises after breaking open the gate, manhandled him. Kishan who obviously woke up, fled from the spot. The aggrieved people also broke open the window panes of the service station on the premises.

What added to their anger was- the muck on Dr Rajkumar Road had been pushed by the force of the water towards the houses in lowlying areas, thus waking them from a sound sleep.

Assistant Executive Engineer, Vani Vilas Water Works (VVWW) C N Mahadevappa who rushed to the spot, succeeded in bringing the situation  under control. However, he has lodged a complaint with Nazarbad Police over the assault on a valveman.

The tank here receives water from Melapura through Rammanahalli and supplies water from gravity level to areas like- Siddartha Layout, Alanahalli, Kyatamaranahalli, Datta Nagar, Gundurao Nagar, besides Raghavendra Nagar and Vidyanagar after pumping the same.

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