V-C gets a bitter dose from young docs

Last Updated 22 February 2011, 18:10 IST

On Tuesday, after addressing the graduates of the Class of 2005 at the Platinum Jubilee Hall of the institute, Medical Education and District In-Charge Minister S A Ramdas left the auditorium to attend his other engagements. The Director of the Institute, Dr Geeta K Avadhani left her seat on the dais to escort the minister outside the hall. Left on the dais were RGUHS V-C S Ramananda Shetty, MMC&RI Principal Dr P S Kaladagi and student representative Dinesh.

The students took the exit of Ramdas and Avadhani as to leave the hall, to the visible shock of Dr Shetty, billed the next speaker, who had reached the lectern.

Finding his voice, Dr Shetty said: “When the minister was delivering his address, there were 20 per cent graduates missing. Now, when I have come to deliver my speech, more than 90 per cent are missing.”

Extremely miffed, the V-C stomped back to his seat on the dais. Dr P S Kaladagi, who was squirming in his seat, got up, took the mike and asked the newly ordained doctors who were milling in the corridors to return to the hall to listen to their chief guest.

When his appeal was not heeded, he warned the doctors of dire consequences, including denial of character certificates, if they did not return forthwith. The warning had some effect, and the errant doctors began returning.

Profusely apologising to Dr Shetty, Dr Kaladagi persuaded him to take the mike a second time. Mincing no words, Dr Shetty termed the incident “unfortunate”, reminding the students that they had invited him to their college. “It is like calling somebody to your house and then leaving the guests inside and walking away,” he said, his voice betraying his humiliation.

“People have come here to address you, give you directions and share their experiences with you,” he reminded the young doctors, who now looked adequately chastened, and even ashamed at their own behaviour. “It is just not enough to obtain degrees, gold medals and be dressed in beautiful clothes; it is more important to have character, which is invaluable,” Dr Shetty told them, rubbing it in.

After he concluded his speech, the graduating doctors stood up and apologised en masse for their lack of civility. Dr Avadhani and Dr Kaladagi too tendered apology to Dr Shetty.

(Published 22 February 2011, 18:10 IST)

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