I'll go on hunger strike, threatens Davis

I'll go on hunger strike, threatens Davis

Davis gunned down the two Pakistanis Jan 27 and is currently lodged in the high-security Kot Lakhpat jail in this Punjab province capital city.

He has started threatening the jail staff that he would go on hunger strike if his demands were not immediately met, the daily Dawn reported Wednesday.

A source was quoted as saying that Davis began to warn the Kot Lakhpat jail staff Monday to remove surveillance cameras from his barrack.

The source said that Davis also placed other demands, including an early decision on his immunity issue so that he could return to the US.

Jail officials have refused to comment on it.

Davis shot dead two Pakistani men on a motorcycle on a Lahore street Jan 27 after they allegedly brandished weapons. Some reports say the two were Pakistani intelligence operatives tailing him. The American has said he fired in self-defence because he thought the two were robbers.

The incident led to a third death when a speeding US consulate vehicle coming to the rescue of Davis overran another motorcyclist. US officials have threatened to cut off the $1.5 billion in annual aid to Pakistan if Davis was not released.