Huawei wins preliminary injunction against Motorola

Huawei wins preliminary injunction against Motorola

Last month, Huawei Technologies had filed a lawsuit in a US District Court, seeking to prevent Motorola from illegally transferring Huawei's intellectual property (IP) to Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN).

"Huawei is pleased that the court continues to recognise the merits of our claim that Motorola must abide by its contractual obligations to protect Huawei's trade secret and intellectual property," Huawei Global Head (Corporate Communications) Ross Gan said in a statement.

"We hope that Motorola will now turn its focus to the issue of the substantive arbitration that we believe can both ensure that our intellectual property rights are protected and that their sale to our direct competitor can move forward," he added.

NSN, in July last year, announced the acquisition of Motorola's wireless network business for USD 1.2 billion.

Huawei and Motorola have had a cooperative relationship since 2000, in which Motorola resold Huawei's products to customers under the Motorola brand name.
During this period, Motorola was provided with products and confidential Huawei IP developed by the Chinese company.

"...we have no interest in stopping the transaction between Motorola and our direct competitor. We will, however, do whatever is required to protect the product of our company’s many years of innovation," he said.