Chemistry of many attractions

Chemistry of many attractions

Exhibition: Depts of Anthropology, Earth Science not behind

Don’t crack your brain at the very moment of reading it. Just head straight to the Department of Chemistry at Manasagangothri, you will have a live experience.

As part of the ongoing ‘Suvarna  Manasa Expo 2011’ organised on the occasion of 50th year celebrations of Manasagangothri campus, the department has opened its laboratories demonstrating different  reactions, to the visitors.

Moreover, it’s the ‘International Year of Chemistry 2011’, another reason for the students to make the occasion memorable.

The moment you enter the block, you will experience the crack as you walk past the corridor. Don’t be afraid, it’s a chemical that has been sprinkled over on the floor, to create the effect and it’s not harmful. Coming to ‘lemon current’, two electrodes- one zinc and copper needle are pierced into the lemons kept in the tray. Both the needles are connected with wires.

The citric acid in the lemon that acts like electrolyte helps generate current. According to the researchers, one lemon can help produce some volts of power that could light a tiny bulb. Equally curious is ‘Chemical sunset’. A room in the corner has been suitably converted for sunset. In the backdrop of a soothing music, the sun sets here in a minute’s time. You may be asking how this is possible. A visit to the expo will get you closer to the real facts.

Magic egg!

Likewise, ‘magic egg’ is drawing volley of people. The egg kept in a water container hits rock bottom, but slowly moves upwards standing still in the centre when salt is mixed up to the half of the container. If the salt is mixed fully with water, it keeps the egg floating above. And, the world of magic doesn’t stop here, as another room in the same block has ‘Magic milk’. If you wanna how the milk performs magic, a visit to the expo will help know it better. ‘Elephant toothpaste’, ‘Chemical bomb’ are among the several others, which will sure make the visit worthy.

For knowing yourself and the culture and tradition practiced in other parts of the world, the Department of Anthropology is the address. Skulls of male and female welcomes you, followed by bones of types that forms the human being, displayed here. Wooden mask of muria tribe of Madhya Pradesh, fishing baskets, musical bamboo stick of Kerala, bansuri of murra tribe of Chattisgarh, a kalankari painting of lord ganesha from Andhra Pradesh, Krishna story (Pattachitra of Odisha) gives a full picture of  different cultures.

Socio-cultural museum tells a story of different tribes that of hunting and cultivating with colourful photographs and detailed charts. If you have time for all these, you just have a few hours left, as the exhibition closes today.

Expo to close today

‘Suvarna Manasa Expo 2011’ has been receiving an overwhelming response with the visitors including young and old alike from outside Mysore district too. If you haven’t visited yet, you have just a few hours left, as  the expo will come to a close at 8 pm on Thursday, starting from 2 pm.

On Wednesday, a marriage party visited each and every departments. When enquired, it came to know that, they were returning towards their place after marriage, when they learnt about the exhibition. They pat decided to have a glimpse at the exhibits not to miss the chance. Probationers at Karnataka Police Academy (KPA) irrespective of cadres were making a point to visit the exhibition of M Sc Criminology and Forensic Department of Maharaja’s College. 

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