Cake pink & blue!

Cake pink & blue!

It was Tun-tun and Tubby’s birthday. They had a common birthday because they were twins.

Tun tun and tubby were very excited. They were having the birthday party at home and mama had invited all their friends. 

Papa had brought the birthday cake in a carton the previous evening. But mama had said it should not be opened till the next day.

“I bet it’s a triangle” said Tubby. He had learnt the word newly and loved using it.

“I think it is star shaped” said Tuntun. Star was Tuntun’s favourite shape. In fact all things that glittered were her favourite!

“I am going to open the box only at five o’clock in the evening” said mama strictly, “You will have to wait till then.”

“How far away is that?” asked Tubby.

“That would be half an hour before the guests arrive.

“Why only then?” whined Tun-Tun

“Because if I take it out and keep it in the open, the cake will get dry. And I don’t want that to happen.” explained mama.

They had all been so busy decorating the room that five o’clock arrived very quickly.

“Now we open the box.” Said mama. The twins came running up stood up on the chair to get a good look.

“Tan-ta-dan” said mama smiling as she lifted up the big, balloon shaped cake with a flourish.

“OOOPPPEEE yelled the twins as they clapped their hands with excitement. “It’s sooo pretty!”

The cake was indeed very pretty. It was half blue and half pink and was decorated all over with little pink and blue balloons.

Mama put the cake on the table. “Let me put the candles on them” she said.

But when she opened the packet, her face fell.

“Oh no!” she said “There are only three candles here! Tubby and Tun Tun are four today!”

“I’ll go and get one more” said papa picking up the car keys. Papa was feeling very guilty because he had thought the twins were three!

“But it is too late now” said mama, “I’ll see if there are any candles at home”

“Don’t worry mama,” said Bingo, jumping out of the computer chair. “I have an idea!”

Bingo was Tun Tun and Tubby’s big brother. He was seven years old and knew a lot more.

“I will do something with these” he said as he took the three candles from mama’s hands and disappeared into his room.

Few minutes later he came out of the room and held up this.

Papa and mama smiled when they saw that Bingo had taped the three candles to make  the figure of Four!

“Thank you dada!” said the twin and they clapped their hands and jumped up and down happily!

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