Having a real blast!

Having a real blast!

South African cricketer Jean-Paul Duminy spoke to Metrolife on cricket, music and fashion

Having a real blast!

sporty Jean-Paul Duminy

But South African cricketer Jean-Paul Duminy (popularly known as JP Duminy) has his head on his shoulders and focuses on life as it comes. Which is why he was calm and focused as he shopped for an array of stuff at the Puma Store in Garuda Mall recently.
Even as hundreds thronged to see him and wanted to pose with the all-rounder for photos, he was more than willing to oblige and answer all the questions that the media and fans had for him.

“Our trip to Bangalore has been really nice this time,” he tells Metrolife. “It’s always nice to be here as the weather here is similar to that of South Africa,” he adds. “The City has great facilities and a number of malls where one can chill out.”

Looking dapper in white shirt, grey shorts and white sneakers, it comes as no surprise when Duminy says his style statement is to “be casual and comfortable”.  “I am in shorts most of the time,” he notes. So what did he shop for at the store? “I just bought some shoes and clothing.”

Does he get enamoured by the number of cricket-crazy fans in India and the people waiting in line to talk to him? He answers modestly, “Yes. I didn’t expect to see so much glamour and crowd today.” His motto in life is to take things easy. So even in his free time, he loves to “chill out”. “We have been having a couple of practice sessions but whenever I get some free time, I just chill out in my room,” he notes. Ask him about the tips he would like to give to youngsters who look up to him and he advises, “Just enjoy life and have a blast.”

This trip was packed for the South African team and the only outing they had was a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate fellow cricketer AB De Villiers’ birthday. “It was great fun and I just love music,” says Duminy. Ask him about his favourite music artistes and he exclaims, “Ne-Yo and Lionel Richie are two artistes whose music I die for.”

Speaking of favourites, Duminy loves Indian food too. “Butter chicken and tandoori chicken are my absolute favourites,” he says. Ask him about Indian women and he blushes. “I am engaged so I prefer not to answer that question,” he says with a modest smile.