'Suvarna Manasa' relived Dasara rush

'Suvarna Manasa' relived Dasara rush

Exhibition: People in hordes thronged the departments on last day of event

However, in the case of the latter, though it was earlier planned for eight days, from February 15 to 22, the overwhelming response the expo received, forced the university authorities to extend it for two more days. But still, it seemed less.

On Thursday, as soon as the departments opened doors of exhibitions at the scheduled 2 pm, they already had people in waiting. Similar was the scene in front of most of the other departments too, that was thronged by the curious visitors, including students from different schools here till the exhibitions came to an end at 8 pm.

Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV Hall at the Department of History was replete with historical anecdotes-especially of Tipu Sultan. Ably supported by Tipu Sultan Research Institute and Museum, Bangalore, the photographs pertaining to emblem and motif of the ruler of seringapatnam (now Srirangapatna), gold watch, gold tiger head that was taken away by the britishers at the time of successfully storming Srirangapatna, personal sword of the ruler, now at Scottish United Services Museum, Edinburgh, UK, front view of Tipu’s Palace in Bangalore in 1804, besides Tipu’s death bringing the famous battle to an end.

Another hall was dedicated to infamous ‘Hiroshima and Nagasaki’ bombing during the second world war, under the banner of ‘Lessons from History’. The nuclear bombs that were dropped on the two cities, led to the world’s worst sufferings that still continues to exist. All these were coined in the form of photographs. So also the lineage of Wadiyars, the rulers of erstwhile Mysore State- from Yaduraya the founder to Jayachamaraja Wadiyar- the 25th and last Maharaja of Mysore.

The students of M Sc GIS for Sustainable Development, Maharaja’s College had parked  models of various satellites, without which it is difficult to imagine ‘Geographical Information System’ (GIS), at the first floor of Department of Geography. GIS Data- a model of thermocol with vertical divisions like- ground, buildings, green area, water body up to the complete city helped have a closer look of the functioning of the latest technology. All clubbed together, it gives a complete picture in reality, said a student. If there is any nation, that’s making most of Global Positioning System (GPS), it’s only USA. The most powerful nation has 32 satellites to enable the use of GPS. Cartosat, Aerial Photography, Precision and Dilution were the other interesting models.

What’s unique was the ‘3D modeling of Manasagangothri campus’. Making most of GIS software, a girl student showed how does the campus look, from different angles with separate colours denoting buildings, available space, green area and also Kukkarahalli Lake in the backdrop. It could help the authorities plan for future expansion taking a glimpse of the campus spread over 297.75 hectares, at the click of the mouse, she added.

Equally competing with others, the students of Geography also had something different to claim. Making ample use of the space on the wall of the staircase, they had arranged the sketches of evolution of man- ape to modern man starting from the first steps to the end.

Students of a school were surprised to learn, that it was the pigeon, first used for remote sensing. A camera was tied at the bottom of the bird to capture photographs from the higher level. As the technology advanced, pigeon was replaced by parachutes, followed by air balloons, aero planes and now satellites.

To unravel the nerves of psychology, the related department had many demonstrations to perform- and all commanded the visitors’ involvement. Learning disabilities, that gained prominence with Amir Khan starred ‘Taare Zameen Par’ mooting the issue, was also a subject of expo here. If you are one among those kids finding it difficult to read or write, you are not the only one. Even Abhishek Bachchan was the victim, and look where’s he now?

Likewise several such informations were morale booster like, besides telling the parents  bad reading habits kids acquire?

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