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Check mushrooming of unauthorised shrines
Love bigots love and hatred bigots hatred. Similarly, the wrong-doings of one, if left unchecked, encourages others to do wrong as a reaction. The recent communal flare up in Kyathmaranhalli in Mysore is an example of this. The miscreants affiliated to communal organizations created trouble by throwing the caracass of a pig, thus causing a spark for communal violence. If the authorities are seriously inclined to maintain harmony, the culprits must be caught and severely punished while the innocents should be released immediately. This will go a long way in creating the right atmosphere for communal harmony. The mushrooming of unauthorised religious places should be judicially checked.
Prof Noor Ahmed Khan,

Al-Queda receives weapons from China
The news about Al-Queda swearing revengeful attacks against the Chinese makes for amusing piece of episode. The extremist organization should be aware of the fact that a large chunk of the weapons used by them to carry out terrorist activities all over the world is received from China itself through the conduit of Pakistan. If the Taliban indeed carry out their threat of targeting China, then the inflow of Chinese-made arms would soon dry up. Paradoxically, such a situation can lead to some sort of a lull in the acts of terrorism at the international level.
Arun Malankar

Ensure that farmers do not face deficit of fertilizers
The ongoing legislative session is heading in the same direction like the previous one, meaningful debate is missing, allegations and counter allegations have dominated the proceedings. Much was expected from Siddaramaiah after he assumed new role as opposition leader, the state is once again witnessing severe shortage of fertilizers and the need of the hour is to concentrate on these matters, and ensure that farmers do not face the deficit of fertilizers, it makes no sense in wasting time as well as tax payer's money. Opposition parties should be constructive in their approach, but unfortunately it is lacking in the present session also.
Inamdar Ramachandra

Expressway authority is need of the hour
Construction of more and more expressways is the need of the hour, as our country is lagging behind in developing roadways when compared to other developed nations. New expressways are very important for speedy movement of goods and for lessening road accidents. This will reduce the present enormous pressure on Indian railways, which is quite evident as the demand for new trains and new lines is ever increasing. Quality expressways will help people to start depending on roadways for longer distance also. We have just started construction of high-tech roads, government should at least now speed up the work by setting a time frame and creation of separate expressway authority will surely help in this endeavour.

Ramakanth Udupa K,

RPC Layout




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