Indian locates Saudi father after 27 years

In what could be described as a story straight out of Bollywood, a 28-year-old Indian found his Arab father who had left India for Saudi Arabia 27 years ago after marrying his mother.

Ahmed Fahhad Mohammad Al-Hajri, who was born months after his father Fahhad Mohammad Faleh Al-Hajri left Mumbai for Saudi Arabia, located him in Damman six years after arriving in the Saudi city.

Fahhad Mohammad arrived in Mumbai in the early 1980s to undergo a treatment for spine and married Salma Khan.

The marriage was solemnised by a Qazi in Mumbai and was duly registered, but Fahhad Mohammad left for Saudi Arabia after some months never to return. Ahmed was born months later.

Despite her best efforts, Salma could not trace Fahhad as the address mentioned in the marriage contract was sketchy. Salma’s father, Khair Mohammad Khan, filed a complaint against Fahhad at the Saudi Consulate, but it did not yield results. “If he is not going to come back, he should at least divorce her,” he wrote in his complaint addressed to the Saudi consul general. Finally they approached the Qazi who annulled the marriage and Salma was married to another man.

As it later turned out, Fahhad tried tracing Salma through his friends who visited India every year but did not succeed because she had married another man and was no longer at the location Fahhad knew.

The search begins
Meanwhile, Ahmed, who wanted to find his lost father, finished his studies in Lucknow and arrived in Damman in 2003 after landing a job in the city. He carried a photograph of his father and a copy of the marriage certificate.

“I thought it would be very easy to locate him. But then it dawned on me that there were hundreds of Al-Hajris in Saudi Arabia,”he said.
The ads that he placed in local Arab newspapers also did not yield any result. Finally a local Malayalam newspaper placed a story which connected the dots and Ahmed found his now 68-year-old father.

The overjoyed father has thrown several parties in celebration and is now applying for his Saudi nationality.

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