Indian bowlers clinch bronze

Indian bowlers clinch bronze

The quartet of Prathima Hegde, Akaash Ashok Kumar, Swapna Mitra and Shabbir Dhankot put up a strong show to score 4765 pinfalls over six games and clinch the third spot ahead of fancied teams Australia and England. Singapore won gold and Malaysia the silver.

Prathima Hegde became the first Indian to qualify for the women’s Masters section of the championship.

 India had a slow start, finishing the first game in the eighth position with 754 pinfalls before climbing to the fifth spot after scoring 791 pinfalls in the second game.

In the third game the team posted 899 pinfalls to move to the third spot. The team, then, sustained the momentum scoring 813 and 795 in the fourth and fifth games, to hold on to their position. In the final game the Indian quartet scored 671 pinfalls to secure bronze.

In the men’s singles event, India finished 13th and in the corresponding women’s event they finished 11th. India finished seventh in both the men’s and women’s doubles categories while ending 12th in the mixed  doubles.