Destiny in desert

Gaddama, based on a real life story, is for those who yearn for realistic movies. A poignant tale of a woman in bonded household labour in Saudi Arabia, it portrays the myriad and dark shades of life in the Gulf. Throwing light to the deplorable life of Gaddama, a term of workers employed in Arab households, director Kamal makes convincing depiction of the obscure fate of poor Indian women in an alien land.

Struck by harsh realities of life, Aswathi (Kavya Madhavan) embarks on a journey to Gulf, which turns out to be the beginning of unending woes. Following untimely death of her husband and piled up debts, the village woman’s life takes dramatic turns in the palatial Arab house, where she is subjected to all kinds of tortures. Eventually, she becomes an illegal immigrant, lands in jail for alleged immoral trafficking. Kavya excels in her role. Manoj Pillai’s outstanding camerawork makes the film realistic.

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