'My request to join CBI had been turned down': A P Singh

'My request to join CBI had been turned down': A P Singh

Releasing the book "Try the Impossible" authored by former CBI Director Joginder Singh, Singh recounted his first meeting with his senior, saying the rejection of his request to be allowed to join the organisation was a blessing in disguise for him as he earned a lot of experience of a variety of fields as a result.

"I went to his office to request him to take me into his organisation. He, however, minced no words and told me clearly that he wanted infusion of fresh blood in the organisation and was not interested in taking people who have done long stints there earlier," the present CBI chief said in his speech at the book launch.

An IPS officer of 1974-batch, Singh held ranks of SP and DIG between 1987-95 in the agency during which he had handled a number of sensitive cases, including the Harshad Mehta Bank Scam Case.

Singh said the rejection was disappointing but it also helped his career as he worked in different sectors including Air India, Jharkhand CM's office among other before coming back to the agency after eight years.

Earlier, speaking at the function, the book's author Joginder Singh said the unearthing of one scam after another in the country was an indication that "somebody has not done his job well".

Later, expressing his views about the scams hogging media headlines on the sidelines of the function, former CBI chief said these (scams) are happening because there was "leadership failure at all levels."