Optimistic approach towards agri stressed

Optimistic approach towards agri stressed

AN HONOUR TO THE FEEDERS: Farmers Jayalakshmi, Suresh Naika, Narasimha Kamath, Andrew Lobo and Panduranga Nayak being feted at the farmers’ meet in Udupi on Saturday. DH PHOTOS

The overall scenario in agricultural sector is viewed in a pessimistic approach which has added to the negativity towards farming, opined Alva’s Education Trust President Dr Mohan Alva.

Speaking after inaugurating the ‘Raitha Samavesha-2011’ organised by Udupi District Farmers Association here at Sharada Mantap on Saturday, he said agriculture is deeply associated with the culture of land. The number of people dependent on farming has drastically reduced these days. Even though farmers are provided with innovative facilities since last 35 years, we are unable to trace any sort of revolutionary phase in the agricultural sector. Lots of revolutionary innovations are taking place in all other fields except agriculture, he added.

Stating that UNO report forecasting agriculture conditions in India in the next few years is not satisfactory, he said the report has put up a gloomy picture. India has a food stock of barely 76 days, if all agricultural productions will be nil. India is anticipating huge food famine in the year 2012, he reiterated.

“We are escaping from agriculture. The migration from agriculture is increasing day by day. Youth are fed with negativism. Children are not supported by their elders to take up farming as their full time occupation. They are forbidden from entering into farming sector.

Primarily this approach of people towards agriculture should go. Agriculture should be accepted as a respectful occupation and it should not be weighed in terms of profits as it is deep rooted in the culture of the country,” he added.

Delivering the keynote address, Adike Patrike Assistant Editor N Karanth Peraje said that the people are losing emotional touch with agriculture.

“The bonds associated with agriculture are at loose ends. A kind of depression is developed among farming community,” he added.

He said education based agriculture should find its place in school curriculum. Knowledge on farming process and other farm related activities should be introduced to children.

Measures to inculcate interest among youth regarding agriculture are very much necessary. Besides optimistic thoughts should be developed. Packages supporting farmers is essential, he opined.

An agriculture expo was organised on the occasion. Varieties of medicinal plants, decorative plant saplings, plantation crops, fruits were displayed at the exhibition. Agro machineries of various types stole the show. Machineries that were exhibited demonstrated traditional farming patterns, besides introducing mechanisation for higher yields. Organic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides were displayed. Books offering knowledge on different types of cultivation like seasonal cultivation, traditional cultivation were put on sale. Traditional Indian medicines were also displayed on the occasion.

Varieties of birds were part of the exhibition.