IT as a service is big opportunity on cloud

Last Updated 27 February 2011, 15:27 IST

Clambering for cloud, especially the private cloud– the ability for companies to offer IT as a service to departments and subsidiaries- has brought huge business opportunities for many experienced IT services companies.

CSC  India is one of the very few who have ramped up their private cloud offerings, mustering their experience in applications, networking, security and infrastructure to offer a bouquet handling security, optimisation and communication for enterprise customers.

Talking to Deccan Herald on the spread of private cloud and its impact on organizations, CSC India President and Managing Director Brian J Manning explained how putting security around apps in cloud is helping the Federal government in the US, other local governments, as well as commercial clients.

“Cloud computing can deliver great benefits to government. Government agencies need to carefully consider a number of key factors such as risk tolerance, business requirements and IT specifications when contemplating a move to cloud computing,” Manning said.

He pointed out that NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was out of data centre space and CSC helped them build a most cost-effective, 10,000-square-foot data centre.

The City of Los Angeles also turned to cloud computing and Google Apps, Google’s suite of Web-based productivity tools, to replace its current e-mail system. The combination of CSC’s Cloud Orchestration Services and Google Apps is providing mission-critical communications and collaboration capabilities to more than 30,000 city employees. It is also providing robust security protection for sensitive data, said Manning.

Talking about CSC’s approach to cloud Manning said that the for any cloud service provider, the most important goal is to offer IT services without the complexities involved in paying for and maintaining the infrastructure as well as managing applications on it.
“We are not sure how far the customer is able to understand what is right for him. That’s why we call our offerings “Finding the right cloud, the right way”, helping customers to use all the advantages of IT without any heavy investment”, he said.

(Published 27 February 2011, 15:27 IST)

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