False plea: Consumer asked to pay Rs 5,000

J Girish Kumar had approached the forum alleging that he found dead insects in the bottle of a soft drink he purchased from a small shop, and sought compensation of Rs 50,000 from the manufacturer, the Coco Cola India Limited.

The manufacturer contended that the consumer had not produced a valid bill for having purchased the soft drink.

The complainant refused to produce the bottle to conduct tests and instead slapped a legal notice demanding compensation.

The Forum found the complaint frivolous and observed that the complainant was demanding compensation without valid reason.

He did not produce any bill or other document to substantiate his case. The complainant was ordered to pay Rs 5,000 as compensation to the manufacturer within a month of the order.

Faulty chimney

K Manohar had purchased a chimney for Rs 10,750 from Hobs-N-Chimney.

The chimney worked for only two days. After repeated complaints, the shop sent a service engineer who replaced the switchboard. The chimney later  worked for four more days and stopped.

The customer was told that the motor had to be repaired. Manohar approached the Forum alleging deficiency in service.

The Forum ordered the seller to repay the price of the chimney to the customer along with Rs 5,000 as compensation.

Refund ordered

The Second Additional Consumers’ Forum in Seshadripuram has directed the Country Club India Limited to repay the sums paid by seven consumers along with costs of Rs 1,000 each.

The complainants had paid amounts ranging from Rs 1.15 lakh to Rs 2.15 lakh for sites and other gifts offered by the Club, which however never materialised.

Dhananjaya P and Gopal Prasad K had paid up Rs 4,000 each to Jannat Home Lights Company, Delhi which offered self employment.

But the material promised to start the venture never arrived. The Forum ordered the Country Club India Limited to repay the amount paid along with costs of Rs 5,250.

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