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A promising artiste

Chitra KrishnaChitra Srikrishna is a seasoned vocalist with two decades of concert experience behind her. Apart from winning prizes from prestigious institutions like Music Academy and Gayana Samaja, she has performed in many Sabhas, both in and outside India.

Chitra performed a vocal concert on Friday for the Bangalore Lalitha Kala Parishat. She opened the concert with the ‘Sri Mahaganapathim' of Maharaja Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar and followed it up with 'Pranamamyaham'. Purandara Dasa's popular devaranama "Nambi Kettavarillavo" was elaborately rendered with nerval (Garuda Gamana Shree). The 'Ramanama Bhajisidavage' of Gopaladasaru, is a good addition to the concert repertoire. Another composition of  Tyagaraja 'Kaligeyunte' received appealing airing.

A number of devotional like - Kande Na, Karedare barabarade (Kamalesha Vittala), Saaridano (Vadirajaru), Athalithala hogadanthe (Basavanna) - were also delightful. Senior instrumentalists - Lalgudi Rajalakshmi and B K Chandramouli gave good support on violin and mridanga.


Abhishek RaghuramThe "Kalotsava-2011" of the Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha Trust will be held till March 6. Dance, discourse and Namasankeerthana apart from music concerts (violin solo, instrumental trio and vocal) are being held as part of the diamond jubilee of Mahashivarathri celebrations.

Abhishek Raghuram, a scion of a reputed musician's family is  a vocalist in demand. Abhishek started with a familiar varna in a confident manner, followed by another well-known composition 'Yochana'.

The short alap and 'nerval' for the 'Maara Jananeem Ashraye' was tuneful. The 'Tatwameruga Tharama" was rendered at a spicy pace. Kaanada, the evocative raga, was presented by him in a way worthy of a veteran. With his mellifluous voice, which has melody, lilt and verve and lends lustre to his sparkling musical outpouring. With spacious alapana and well-tailored Thana, the pallavi (Seethapathe Napai) was creditably manoeuvred.

But the break (for vote of thanks) before the swara prasthara was a sort of anti-climax, which affected the aesthetic appeal of the connoisseurs! Akkarai Subbalakshmi on violin, Ananthakrishna on Mridanga and Guru Prasanna on Khanjari gave the vocalist ample support and played with a thorough understanding.

Ruthu Gaana Utsava

C S Narasimha Murthy of Chamarajanagara sang 'Madeshange Sharanu' and 'Nanarigalladavalu', neatly. With his rich voice, Bandlahalli Vijaya Kumar rendered "Chellidaru Malligeya" with good feeling. "Baro Sadhana Kerige" was the choice of the Panchamritha Shale.


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