Having a good time

Having a good time

Musical break

The best thing about great music is that it can be enjoyed even if someone else plays it. Same was the case when the Pink Floyd fans got to see Breathe the Floyd Sound, a tribute band from the UK in an unplugged rock concert at International Tech Park in  Bangalore.

It is the tenth anniversary of Pink Floyd and as a result the fans were treated to a special concert. The event started out slow but the crowd built up as the band started with sound check and soon the entire open area was filled with techies. The clouds too covered the sky, giving the people a relief from the biting sun rays.

The first song for the day was Breathe and one could not ignore the beautiful guitar work, reminiscent of the music of Pink Floyd. The crowd cheered as the band finished the song and went to perform the ever popular Dark side of the moon. Fans sang along, all of them enjoying the bands rendition of the classic song, the beautiful lyrics putting everyone into trance. One could almost not believe that these people were going to work after the concert finished.

Wish you were here got a thundering applause by the people and the band went ahead and played some of the other popular songs by the band. Dave Gee on the drums was a delight to watch as were his antics on stage. The last song for the evening was Another Brick on the wall where Chris Barnes, the vocalist, asked everyone to join in for the song which has turned into an anthem over the years. And the crowd did join them.  

“This band got together in 2004 and the members have been joining in since then, with some joining only a few months back,” said Chris Barnes. He also informed that the band had earlier performed in Assam, Delhi and Ranchi.

“Indian audiences just want to have a good time. They love Pink Floyd and they go all crazy during the concerts unlike the audience in the UK who are very critical,” he said.