A fast and furious ride

Tune in to the finale of Force India...The Fast and The Gorgeous, this Sunday, July 19 at 7pm on MTV. It's a fight to the finish in the final episode as the last six divas get ready to set the track ablaze at Silverstone, London. Fasten your seatbelts as the channel’s very own fast and gorgeous style diva VJ Anusha Dandekar takes on as anchor at the grand finale.

Don’t miss the final six as they prepare for the ultimate race and get to meet the ultimate drivers — the Force India drivers. Watch on as surprises are in store not only for the girls but also the host.

What do the girls have in store for Anusha? Who are the last and unlucky two to crash out?
And finally who are the final four winners who will get to travel with the Force India team and cheer them on in every F1 race around the world?

Tune in to Force India...The Fast and The Gorgeous to find out.

TWISTS: The characters Shree, Madhu and Mangla from the show. A disclosure spree
JD Majethia’s supernatural thriller Shree is on the threshold for an interesting flashback, wherein Shree will get to know all that happened ten years back in the Raghuvanshi household, and learn about the secret of Kangana and all that the family keeps hiding.

Madhu who learns about being the second wife of Anant will support Shree full on. Shree will also learn the truth about the Mehsaani Mangalsutra and what is the secret of the Purani Khoti.

What is the secret behind Kangana haunting this house and desperately wanting Hari? How will the family react to her pujas and also that she actually found out everything about the Purani Khoti as they all dread to talk about it and want to keep it hush-hush.

Will Shree be able to get to the bottom of the various secrets of Raghuvanshi house and will she be able to free her husband and sister from the evil clutches of the spirit and the secret of spirit wandering in the house? Stay tuned for some spellbinding and spine tingling action.

CHARMING: VarshaA musical tribute to actors
Zee Kannada is launching its third season of Gunagaana, a musical tribute from July 19. The show will be telecast every Sunday at 11 am. One of South India’s most unique and revered programmes, Gunagaana is a show that pays tribute to the music of the Kannada film industry. The programme will be hosted by the popular Varsha. Now in its third season, Gunagaana will focus on hit songs of yesteryears. It is a tribute to the actors who have immortalised these songs in the hearts of millions of Kannadigas. In its first season, the show was a talent hunt that sought out young singers who closely matched the legendary singers. In its second season, it paid tribute to the evergreen musical hit films of Kannada. 

GIRL POWER: A scene from Georgia Rule.Tale of three women
Watch Georgia Rule on HBO See It First on July 18 at 9 pm starring Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Dermot Mulroney and Felicity Huffman. In this touching drama about family, compassion and forgiveness, Felicity plays a frustrated mother who, after struggling to control and discipline her unruly daughter, takes the rebellious teen to the one place she thought she would never return — her mother’s Idaho farm.

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